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  1. Fred Morganthaler

    I’m a Morgenthaler (my grandfather changed the spelling to Morganthaler). I live in the state of Montana in the USA. My Morgenthaler ancestor came to the USA in 1858 from Thal-Marmoutier, Bas Rhin, Alsace. I have traced my ancestry back to Francois Joseph Morgenthaler who was married in Thal-Marmoutier in 1768. I am interested in discussing family history with anyone who might have further knowledge of my ancestry or might be related. I’m also interested in communicating with anyone who has taken the Y-DNA test that traces a person’s paternal heritage. Thank you and hope to hear from anyone who has information soon.

  2. Diana Morgenthaler Graham

    I have been working on my ancestry and am trying to find the history of my family before it reached America.
    My Fathers Father was the first born American citizen from the family traveling from the Banat to North Dakota USA to take advantage of the land grants for farming. They came on the ship Stuttgart from Bremen through Ellis Island in 1892.
    My Father was John Michael Morgenthaler, born in North Dakota USA (1921-2009). His Father was John Jerome Morgenthaler also born in North Dakota in 1900-died 1979 in Oregon.
    My Great Grandfather was Johann M Morgenthaler born 6 Mar 1858 Hungary or Romania and died 9 Dec 1937 in North Dakota. His Father was Nikolaus Morgenthaler and his Mother was Elisabeth NN and he had a sister two years younger. The story that I heard is that Johann was orphaned at 6 years of age and raised his 4 year old sister so Nikolaus and/or Elisabeth maybe died in 1894.
    My father at one time told me that the Jewish branch was because of an adoption and that the family had been sent to the "Morning Valley" to farm to feed soldiers but I believe this to be mostly family lore and may be confused with the move to the Banat. It is my understanding that my family is ethnically German.
    Johann M Morgenthaler came to America with his wife Marianna Weber (daughter of Konrad Weber and Anna Brucker), their daughter Theresia, son Philipp and daughter Barbara. Both listed their birth place as Dolatz Hungary and coming from the village of Josefsdorf.
    The last names of my other great grandparents traveling from the Banat to North Dakota at about the same time were Lefor/Kungel , Weber/Bruckner and Harle/Lung.
    Would love to have any information that points me in a direction to further research the correct history of my Morgenthaler family. Thank you for any help.
    (Message sent to the site author in 2014. Later copied into this bulletin board)


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