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About this page
In the late 90s, a US American Morgenthaler wanted to ensure a reliable e-mail address for his business. That's how was first registered.

Later, the page was extended to the still existing St.Louis / Missouri Morgenthaler family page. In addition, every interested Morgenthaler could get a unique mail address

In 2002, the page was transformed into a international name portal. Its goal is to collect Morgenthaler web presence and family information around the globe. In 2017 the name portal was renewed.

The website's photographs show the region "Emmental" in Switzerland, one possible origin place of the name Morgenthaler.

Foto: Martin Mägli, Naturbild
Foto: User "Pipo63", Panoramio
Foto: Kurt Schlatter, Fotocommunity
Foto: Kurt Schlatter, Fotocommunity